Industrial Leadership: Ed Eppley discusses Surviving and Thriving in this time of Profound Industrial Change!

The Eppley Group

Industrial Leadership – What is The Industrial Pain: 1. Being able to find, hire and retain Industrial talent. 2. Finding ways to have a sustainable competitive Industrial advantage and 3. Dealing with the reality that its no longer enough to run a good and decent Industrial company. (You have to be willing to articulate the social and political benefits of your company.)  Ed Eppley, Founder of The Eppley Group , discusses The disciplines that will let owners, execs and managers who run industrial operations not only survive but thrive in this time of profound change.  Find out more about Ed Eppley:

Website:  http://www.theeppleygroup.com/

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About the author, Scott

I am Scott MacKenzie, husband, father, and passionate industry educator. From humble beginnings as a lathing contractor and certified journeyman/lineman to an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I have applied every aspect of my education and training to lead and influence. I believe in serving and adding value wherever I am called.

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