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Industrial Safety: Delivering The Passion of Safety To Everyone With Jamie Young

Easy Access to Safety Content is Jamie's Passion

Delivering The Passion of Safety! In Industry and Life, Safety is everything – there is never any room for compromise or cutting corners.  The Noble Profession of Safety, Health and Environmental never ends.  It is the collection if dedicated individuals, across the globe, passionate about you, your health and your work environment.  This is an…

Industrial Sales: Gigantic Industrial Position!

Commiditized Product or Services

Gigantic Industrial Position! This is the next step in “Cracking Open The Door”.  In a Commoditized Industrial Market, you can’t just start a conversation with your Customer or Prospect by just “Hammering” on why you are so great.  That is NOT a Successful strategy for closing deals.  Consider developing a Gigantic Industrial Position.  This podcast…

Industrial Sales: Cracking Open The Industrial Door!

Industrial Commoditization

Cracking Open The Industrial Door! Industrial Commoditization is a fact that needs addressing.  Ask these 3 questions: 1. What does your Customer Want? 2. What is your Guarantee? and 3. How do you Deliver your Guarantee?  We are beginning to build another Industrial Sales strategy that takes a Commoditized Industrial Product or Service and makes…

Industrial Sales: Looking for Something Easy.

Industrial Sales Solutions

Looking for Something Easy? Industrial Sales: If we’re passionate about being the Industrial Sidekick to our Hero (Customer or Prospect) then there are no shortcuts.  Our focus needs to be 100% on the success of our Customer.  We can have the mindset of Looking for the Easy solution – We can’t cut corners our Customer’s…

Industrial Leadership: Is It Ever Enough?

Scott MacKenzie Discusses Is It Ever Enough?

Is It Ever Enough? As an Industrial Leader, ask this question: “Is It Ever Enough?”  Do you Stop helping your Industrial Customer or Prospect to Succeed? Listen to this episode of The Industrial Talk Podcast and realize It Is Never Enough to help your Industrial Customer or Prospect to Succeed! Podcast Transcript:                                      The industrial…