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Digitial Marketing

Definition - What does Digital Marketing Mean?

According to the Business Dictionary, an Industrial Leader is an individual that establishes a clear Purpose for the organizations, provides the necessary tools, knowledge and methods to effectively achieve the organizational Purpose.  In times of crisis, act with Integrity to effectively and creatively resolve issues.

Industrial Talk's Application of Digital Marketing:

The Industrial Talk Platform provides a dynamic site to Spotlight Industry Leaders who are driven by Integrity and a desire to educate other Industrial Professionals and Companies.  Through the Industrial Talk Podcast Episodes and Industrial Blogs you find articles, interviews and series that focus on Industrial Leadership, Purpose, Organizational Development and many other Leadership topics specific to Educating and expanding your business and improving your Industrial Knowledge. 

Latest Industrial Talk Podcasts

EP 04: Monday Morning Industrial Wake-Up News of the Week and Insights for your Success

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/13/2020

Mr. Michael Mills with Fluke Reliability talking about Safety and Reliability through continuity, Agility and Repeatability

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/10/2020

Ms. Sandra Dimatteo with Bentley Systems talking about Digital Twin and Need For A Chief Change Officer

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/10/2020

Mr. Tim Ward with Changemakers Books talks Resiliency and a visual path forward

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/07/2020

Mr. Neil Sahota with UC Irvine Discusses Unlocking REAL Innovation for the Enterprise

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/02/2020

Mr. Dan Borne Former President of the Louisiana Chemical Association talks about the positive impact of the Chemical Industry

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/01/2020

EP2: The latest Industrial News and Insights with Nancy Regan and Scott MacKenzie

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/29/2020

Mr. Mohan Venkataraman with Chainyard talks about Permission Based Blockchain and Benefits

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/23/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team Promed Innovations with Pete Morrissey and Rob Ufford, Founders of Promed Innovations

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/22/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team Toyota with Mike Bafan, Group VP of NA Manufacturing Project Innovation Center at Toyota

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/19/2020

The latest Industrial News and Insights with Nancy and Scott

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/19/2020

CORA Physical Therapy Interviews Jason Bellamy, Executive Vice President of Strategic Communications with APTA

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/18/2020

Mr. David Hartell with New African Global Energy talks about the Benefits of Digital Twin.

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/18/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team JM Smuckers with Randy Day, Sr. VP of Operations at JM Smuckers Corporation

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/17/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team Logan Aluminum with Van Mitchell, ESS at Logan Aluminum

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/16/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team AASA with Farid Bichareh, CTO at AASA

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/15/2020

CORA Physical Therapy Interviews Jessie Podolak with Evidence In Motion on the subject of Pain

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/12/2020

Mr. Lawrence Henderson with Boss Consulting talks about Industrial Leadership in a COVID19 World

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/11/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team Microsoft with Greg Vigil, Industry Solutions Director at Microsoft

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/11/2020

Heroes Of Manufacturing Celebrates Team Vitamix with Jodi Berg, President and CEO of Vitamix

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/10/2020

Latest Industrial Talk Blogs