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Looking for Something Easy?

Industrial Sales: If we're passionate about being the Industrial Sidekick to our Hero (Customer or Prospect) then there are no shortcuts. Our focus needs to be 100% on the success of our Customer. We can have the mindset of Looking for the Easy solution – We can't cut corners our Customer's are depending on us for their success.

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast Go-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial market. All right, welcome to the industrial to talk podcast. Thank you very much for 20 we've got six minutes. Let's get going. Thank you very much. Hope you have a great day.

[00:18]                                    I am. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Yeah, I always work and not really shortest begins to touch upon looking for something easy that is going to be the subject matter for today, but before I get going, once again I want to be able to reiterate ActiveCampaign as well as BombBomb bolt tools, ActiveCampaign. Bombbomb are fantastic products that you need to look into to communicate with your customer. It's a, it's a vital tool and then once again go to Industrial and then go to the Industrial Academy. Find great courses taught by wonderful professionals within the industry and then of course the Industrial Dojo and that's where you will find everything and I mean everything that's associated with Industrial Marketing, Industrial Branding, Industrial Sales, Industrial Leadership. It's all out there in a podcast form. So easily consumed now onto our subject matter. And that's looking for something easy.

[01:21]                                    Now, we've been at this for some weeks now and I've been producing podcasts, talking about leadership, sales, marketing, branding, and that content associated with it. We started out with is your Service Commoditized? And that means are you, are you just racing to the bottom? You're margins are getting narrow because you know you're competing against everybody else for that little market share. And then of course we talked about that, um, Industrial Sidekick that your mind, your mind, the Industrial Sidekick, you are there because your customer is your hero and you are there to help your hero succeed. And then of course we've got, Is It Ever Enough? That was the last one that we did and that was yesterday. And is it ever enough? But no, it isn't because you're always there to help your customer, your prospect succeed because you are their sidekick. They are your hero.

[02:26]                                    So you could see how everything sort of culminates and comes together in a way that makes sense. And then you know, the bottom line, it's all about your customer. It's all about your prospect. It's all about you and your services and your products, solving problems for them. That's pretty straightforward. But the problem is, the problem is as we proceed into this, looking for something easy because what we're talking about here in the past, podcasts were, um, work and challenges on your part to do what is necessary to think of yourself second versus the your customer. And it requires a lot of work, right? It requires a lot of work. And if you're looking for shortcuts, if you're looking to be lazy and try to cut corners, you're selling your customer, your prospect short, you cannot. And it's, and, and I'll be the first to admit, some days I would love to be able to cut corners.

[03:37]                                    Some days I would just like to be able to throw stuff out. But that is not beneficial to you. And, and my overall purpose is to give 100% of my time my effort to your success. Now, if I start going down the road of cutting corners and, and you know, not thinking of you as something very special as my hero and I'm not your sidekick, then we together have, you know, we start causing some problems and I me am not doing what I need to do for you and your success. The same thing applies to your customer. You cannot take the shortcut. You cannot be lazy. You need to provide, among other things, insight, solutions, tangible solutions. You need to constantly, and when I say constantly not harassing, but you need to constantly work and contact them and see if there's things that need to get done.

[04:43]                                    How can I help found this article? You know, it, I thought of you, there are so many tools that are available that can really benefit your customer and your prospect in a meaningful way. A gentleman by the name of, of Matt Ward, he'd wrote a book called Word of Mouth. And, uh, I got to tell you, man, that is a great, great book and it's real tactical. And it just provides, you know, ideas on how to connect and be, uh, sort of in front of your customer prospect in a non-offensive way. And it's a powerful, powerful tool. And, and that's what I mean. If, if you're looking to take shortcuts, you're not going to do something like that. So we cannot do that. Your customers, your, your prospects are depending on you the, this if your, if your product is commoditized, which we spoke of in a prior podcast, you need to go that extra mile. It has to be about you. You have to figure that out. You have to innovate. So there is no shortcut.

[05:58]                                    Here's there is there. You can't look for something easy, but you know what? You know what the rewards are phenomenal. They are. Because what you do is portal. You're a part of an uh, market, uh, uh, an industry that industrial market that

[06:21]                                    innovate and change as people's lives. That's what you're about. Continue to do it. Do not look for something easy. Don't take that shortcut or that easier road. You're there to solve your customer's problems barn on 100% of the time. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful weekend because this is Friday. Really appreciate it. Thank you. Be Safe and I look forward to talking to you next week. Can't wait. Take care.


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