Maureen Gribble and Doug Waetjen with UE Systems

Innovations that are transforming condition monitoring of assets

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Maureen Gribble and Doug Waetjen with UE Systems about “Innovation that transforms condition monitoring“.  Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Industrial IoT security and reliability at SMRP conference. 0:00
    • Palo Alto Networks offers industrial IoT security solutions with improved ROI and reduced complexity.
  • New and improved ultrasound technology for asset tracking. 2:34
    • Maureen has been with UE for 12 years and enjoys the SMRP.
    • Doug has been with UE for 35 years and has seen significant changes.
    • Doug introduced the brand new Wireless Smart Track system, which includes compact ultrasound sensors for continuous monitoring of asset bearing and temperature, and a wireless lubricator for remote lubrication.
    • Maureen discussed the updated features of the existing product, including a high-resolution camera and the ability to read QR codes and barcodes for asset tracking.
  • Predictive maintenance technology and products. 7:30
    • System proactively prevents equipment failures by monitoring and addressing issues remotely.
    • New products and features showcased at conference, including ultra view camera for leak detection and energy savings.
  • Leak detection and remote monitoring in the reliability space. 11:13
    • Remote monitoring of assets is a growing trend in the industry, as it becomes increasingly difficult for maintenance techs to access assets in person.
    • Scott MacKenzie and Maureen discuss the importance of efficiency and durability in ultrasound technology for plant maintenance.
    • They emphasize the need for reliable and sustainable solutions that can save time and improve safety in the long term.
    • Maureen Gribble and Doug discuss their company UE Systems and its innovations in asset management and maintenance.

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Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go


Alright, once again, welcome to industrial talk the platform that is dedicated to industrial professionals all around the world because you are bold, brave you dare greatly. And well, you know, it's it's it's the place to be all the cool kids hang out on industrial talk. And that's why we celebrate you on this particular platform. And we are broadcasting from SMRP 31 annual conference and my notes right here, right here saying it's 1200 attendees biggest conference ever. How about that one? And if you're in the reliability world, you need to go out to s is the place to be if you want to get into the reliability meet professionals like the ones that we have. We have Maureen and I didn't even get your name, Doug. Doug. Let's get cracking with the conversation. Sorry, duck. In your your nametag is down below the thing. I got Marie, because I get emails from Marie and everybody else, everybody else. It's like here it is getting reminded by Maureen that there's a conference or a webinar. So I'm sorry. But it's all good. So anyway, you guys having a good conference?


Yeah, it's been awesome so far. What makes it good pouring. This is always like one big family reunion. So it's always awesome to be here. see old friends, old colleagues, and also meet all the new faces that are here as well. So never met Doug. Oh, he's a new face a new face for you. She doesn't bite. Here we go


to the same barber. Do you know? We see each other? And barber but he looks doggone good.


No, no, no. Let me help watch. Get out of here. They


should. You're that special. So duck. For the listeners out there. Give us a little background on who you are. Who am I? Yeah, just nothing. Easy peasy. If you were Blair, you would be all over this mic. So just I've been with tapping into your player


3035 years. So I'm one of the one of the veterans Whoa, whoa,


whoa, whoa, whoa, did you just say up? 35 years? Yeah, sauna God did? Did they sort of clip you with a marker of some sort? Like, you know,


once I got in, it's like the mafia. They want to hunt me out. I know where all the skeletons are buried.


So been with him for 35 years. My gosh. What about you, Maury, email? extraordinaire?


I've been emailing people from UE systems are about 12 years now. So then not quite as long as Doug, but I do feel like I've been around the block with you in here for quite a bit.


Yeah, but I gotta tell you, I've really enjoyed the SMRP. And in fact, where we're located you will use right across and it is a spectacular booth.


Thank you for that.


Back at you. All right. Now you've got some things taking place in UE. Right. Some new stuff. Did you've you've grown, you've evolved, but you've seen a lot of changes in there, Doug, just FYI. You probably had hair back then too. There you go. See, I can make bald jokes because I'm bald. I might be one hiding that with the addcom. Yeah, because well, it gets glossy after a while and people get distracted by the gloss. Don't worry about it. As I look at Doug so what are the what are some of the changes that are taking place with UE? Wow, we're


sort of two different things. One is brand new. We're we've entered into a couple of years ago but now We're really refining, the continuous monitoring. And we're going wireless. So that's the sort of the big news here at the conference. We're introducing our, our Wireless Smart Track system, and sensors. And then the other side of it is we've got our existing product reimagined, we've sort of future proof that we added some useful features to it. And in our relentless search for customer excellence, we've decided to it's not enough to support customers now, if we want to support customers and their programs well into the future. So we've got things like high resolution camera, and moving forward, we see things like being able to read QR codes, being able to read barcodes to keep track of where your assets are on your routes. We've leaked it out, we've made it a little smaller, and


you're rattling off some stuff, how, when I spoke to you, II last year, these are new products, these are new offerings, right?


Well, so what he's talking about is our ultra probe 15,000. So that that has actually been around for a little while. But now we've come out with a new version of it. So what he's just talking about are all the great new features of the 15. And how, as he said, we've future proofed it. So that as customers get into their program, we're gonna be able to continue to add value to what they're doing with their ultrasound program. And then as far as new the wireless sensors are wireless on track that he was talking about that is brand spankin. New. And we're really excited about that. Now,


Doug, take us through that wireless sensor. What does that what is it that's brand new?


Take us through that. Okay, so compact ultrasound sensor. It also has vibration and temperature capability. But primarily, it's an ultrasound sensor, continuously monitors, bearing and asset. And we've also interfaced it directly with a wireless lubricator. So that when we hit certain levels of we measured in TVs and the ultrasound, so we hit an alarm level, we're able to actually trigger an alarm, and then either lubricated ourselves remotely from any place in the world, or set it up to automatically for K until it brings it back into spec that brings it back down to the base.


Okay, so this is what I heard, I've got a sensor, I've got a sensor that is pulling information off of that bearing, let's just use the bearing as an example. And that data is sent were it to the cloud, correct? And then to the cloud to a a system that is UE specific boards, or is it agnostic? Can I just send it to other systems that I have the CMMS? Or whatever I can. So I'm collecting data. And then that data is then going, Hey, there's some there's some issues, whatever that algorithm is, there's some issues on that particular asset. And then I can then I can loop that thing promote remotely, right? Yeah.


And actually, the system will do it automatically for you. So you don't even have to you don't specifically have to take action, the system itself is going to take that action to prevent that failure from ever coming into fruition.


So it's taking it a little step past just Yeah,


monitor Yeah. You're actually looking for a dead sexy,


we're preventing.


Oh, that's, that's really cool now, but you still come out, you still notify somebody saying, hey, there's some some wiggly stuff going on at this particular location that we took care of it? And we've you know, did what was necessary? Yeah, texts


and emails, all those kinds of things are going to be fired off to let let people know that an event happened, but that the system hopefully handled it as it's supposed to


do. Does the system also in that particular scenario, that use case does it also give some sort of hey, it is beginning to sort of fail, though we've taken we've taken off these these actions. But just FYI, you might want to consider looking at this in your next turnaround or whatever it might be.


Exactly. If it doesn't come back into acceptable level. If after lubricating back to baseline, then it's going to be monitored more frequently. And the people who need to be notified will get notified and say, Hey, there's something going on here. It's not a publication problem.


The deployment of this solution, pretty straightforward. Nothing fancy. Nothing. You're not You're not trying to take my children away from me to be able to deploy


unless you want us to.


They're your age. Okay. Probably. They would be friends. Yeah,


that's right. That's right. No, this especially now then why? Wireless format this, this, the sensors and the lubricators take nearly no time to get up and running. So taking all those wires and cords out of the equation is really streamlined it and so we can start getting insights to customers much, much faster. And we


don't leave them on their own. We've got a full dedicated


Thank goodness. Yeah, yeah. So so this is new. What was the other product? Maureen? You told me about it.


So there are other new products? Yes. So I want to know about that. Okay, well, so Doug already kind of highlighted the UltraPro, 15,000. And all the ways we've kind of reimagined that. So of course, that's, that's an existing product that we've just given a nice facelift to. But what you probably saw last year's conference that was a brand new product, and this still bringing a lot of interest to the booth is our ultra view camera, which is our acoustic imaging camera for leak detection and partial discharge detection. So we're putting the power of leak detection into palm of your hand, within 30 minutes, you can find you know, pretty much all the leaks that you've got quantify them and find all that cost and energy savings. So that's been kind of a big highlight for us. So


you're, you're you're saying I can use your product, scan, look at things and to be able to determine issues. Correct. Whatever the whatever I'm scanning.


That's right, you're able to find any kinds of compressed air gas leaks, within seconds,


does it? Does it say? Hey, there's a gas leak? Does it does it? Does it point to it? I mean, I'm trying to be simple. I'm, I know how people work out there in the field. So I just want to make sure I don't make it hard. For me.


It is very, very simple. And yes, it is 100% points out exactly where a leak is. And hopefully you know what, what gas or air is going through that line. And so you're able to then quantify exactly how much that leak is costing, you know, way,


way, way, way.


There's Doug, he is here till Friday. No See, so. So we've got these products, by the way. Are you following up with Cargill? Oh,


they've we've been hanging out with a lot of the Cargill boys that is for sure. Well,


I'll put a good a good word in what for you guys. And if I have some, you know, kickback? No, just kidding. Just kidding. Don't need to have the kickback. So what do you see going? What's that future look like outside of these new products? Where do you see a lot of this stuff going? Doug,


I see a lot of it go in remote monitoring, you know, watching our assets from afar, so to speak, as it gets harder and harder for maintenance techs to get trained up and get out in the field, as there's some word assets that are guarded and shielded. So it's hard to get to the actual last set unsafely. I've seen a lot of it no remote monitor. That's where we're at with the monitoring system, I


would say that remote. I agree with you 100% Dog remote monitoring the challenge. And I see that many are trying to go that route, because I'm having a hard time finding people, just real human bodies, right. And so this is sort of one of those sustainable, and I say sustainable, not from an environmental point, sustainable business approach, because it creates that resiliency long term, because they're all there, it stays out there. But the problem would be that people come and go, but that's where you have the system. That's where you have UE systems and all that other stuff. Right?


That's right. Yeah. And I think you know, even even our products, and even what we just talked about the old zero 15, and the ultra view camera, you know, everything that we've been really trying to innovate and bring to our customers, a lot of it has been about trying to save time, and also put that power of ultrasound in people's hands so that they can quickly efficiently help maintain a safe and reliable plant for themselves. So even with the ultraview Yeah, it's not a remote monitoring system. But we've now made leak detection, much faster, you can get that done, check it off your list, but it's all about as Doug mentioned, you know, our endeavor for you know, customer excellence and we want to be that support and find all the new ways and and keep our eye on that as we you know, continue to innovate on how we can make life easier so that people can continue to have safe, reliable plants.


And it is easier, right?


Absolutely. It is all about the efficiency.


Yeah, don't give me a bunch of buttons. That's right. Is it is it durable? I mean, it that that camera is a durable, um, I mean,


let's not drop it too many times. But you know, let's put that restaurant out in the field.


I'm not pointing my fingers at anybody sort of just want to make sure that we all know and we understand And what the real world brings. But anyway, that's really cool stuff. I like it. You guys are absolutely spectacular. Well, thank you. Because if I could afford one I would. I wouldn't know what to do with it. That's why I payment to check it out. I'm just, I'm just checking my house. I've got things slipped hooked up. How did they get ahold of you Marine?


You can find me on LinkedIn, Maureen Gribble or Maureen G and ue


Get on that dog on distribution list. Please do. And you duck, duck


duck Or I love getting phone calls. So anybody could reach us at 800-231-2225


Love it. All right. You guys were absolutely spectacular. All right, well, once again, we're broadcasting from SMRP 31. Go out to Find out more, get engaged, get involved, you get to meet people like Maureen and Doug, no doubt about it, it is a must. Must if you're in the reliability space. Yep, you need to do that. Also put on your calendar for next year. SMRP 32, that's SMRP 32 is going to be bigger than this one, I guarantee it. Make it happen, Captain. And once you get involved with SMRP, you will find out that there's a lot of opportunities out there in the world of reliability. We're gonna have another great conversation shortly. So stay tuned, we will be right back.


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Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Maureen Gribble and Doug Waetjen with UE Systems about "Innovation that transforms condition monitoring". 
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