Robert Weiss with MultiVision Digital

On Industrial Talk we're onsite at FABTECH in Atlanta, GA and speaking with Robert Weiss, President at MultiVision Digital about “Telling you story and solving problems through compelling video production”. Get the answers to your “Video Production” questions along with Robert's incredible insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!

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Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go.


Alright, once again, thank you very much for joining industrial talk. And thank you very much for your support of this platform that celebrates industry professionals all around the world, you know why we celebrate you is because you're bold, you are brave, you dare greatly you're solving problems, you're making the world a better place, and therefore making my life easier. That's why we celebrate you on this podcast. As you can tell, by the noise in the background, once again, we are broadcasting on site at FABTECH. Atlanta, Georgia, it is a must attend. If you're not here to this year, he got to be here next year. So whatever that looks like, make it happen. Put it on your calendar, you will not be disappointed. All right, in the hot seat, we have a gentleman by the name of Robert Weiss. Going to get that right. And we got it. We're talking about videos, we're talking about how that is important to you as a manufacturer. To up your your your video game, so let's get cracking. Yeah, we need to All right, we could just wrap it up right there. We just we just covered it there, Robert. That's


it. Right drop, we're done. Yeah,


we do. We have to up that game. Before we get into that conversation on how we up our marketing and video game. Let's let's just sort of level set of who Robert is. Give us a little background, Robert?


Well, that's always a loaded question. I never really were to


keep it simple. I am a simple guy,


a president of multi vision digital, we're a digital marketing company. We focused only on video, and video content. We've done 1200 videos in the last 11 years now business to business, trust every business objective out there. And I think that we do a really good job of helping companies evolve into video. If you think about websites back in 2002 1003, they didn't have website didn't feel that they needed one. And that is indisputable. Now, like every everybody has a website, and markets that website. Same thing with search and email marketing. These are things that companies did not do when they first came out. And it took a while for them to adopt. But they're indisputable now that that is part of their go to market approach. And that's where a video is is going. Companies are adopting it now. Some are now not adopting. But in another five to 10 years, it'll be indisputable that you don't need just one video. Because you need an ongoing cadence and flow of videos for their sales and marketing. I


get it. And I understand and I'm I'll be the first to say yes, thumbs up on all of the what you just said. But for that manufacturer out there. I find that it's somewhat noisy out there. It's hard for me to find we'd have a ton of great concert companies around here. That's all great. It's getting that attention. It's getting that notice. It's and we've got to do a better job at that because it's noisy. It's noisy out there. Yeah. Do you stand out, too. So take us through that.


Well, you're talking about awareness right now talking about getting somebody through the sales funnel. So let's like Dr. Lenny, those two things. Yes, video fits into all of those business objectives, and does a better job of garnering attention, which is why you see a lot of video at tradeshow booths. And you see people walk by and they stop and they look at the screen so they can understand more about what that company does. So maybe a product standpoint or a process standpoint, and video shows quick. And that's garnering awareness at a tradeshow. If you think on the online world, and you advertise on a publication or on YouTube or Google ad network or any other type of networks, video is going to garner that attention, more so than any other medium, right? Going into the sales process. Again, video is going to garner that that attention because it gets people information quicker. And people want information quicker. They want to understand more. And when companies use video in the sales process, they're going to inform and educate at a higher rate than companies that don't and thus Starner that potential in South Africa.


Yeah, true, absolutely spot on. I can't argue with that. And I think that I know for me, I will always gravitate toward a video, I will always gravitate toward maybe somebody talk. And as I'm driving whatever it might be, I have to be honest, I, I will read what I will read quickly, and just get points. And so I agree with you 100%. If I was a manufacturer, or a, a company that's out here at FABTECH. How do you approach? How to say Yes, I hear what you're saying, Robert, I want I want that. What do you do? What's that process look like?


For us? The first step is understanding where they're at in their adoption. Do you have any videos? Do you have just a trade show video? Are you a little bit more sophisticated? And you've got 50 videos, but really don't have a strategy? Because you've been reactionary with videos? I would say 95% of the companies out there are reactionary. They're not strategically thoughtful about video. So that's the first date, right, but


they don't even. It's the thoughtfulness. But why, how, what where, hi, I think that that air compressor is great. And it's it's the coolest thing, but nobody, like, how do you? That's, that's, that's the challenge. Yeah, that's


a well, that's also the one of the myths about video is that there's a huge professional services component, a video, above and beyond the cameras and equipment that come along with it, to actually just do the whole production of a video shoot. But when you look at these firms that they have JIKI equipment, categories of equipment, use cases, industries, that they're in questions that they're asked about a specific product, or product category. That's all great sales content. So how did you approach that, and develop a library of content, that sales, you know, we started this conversation with awareness. And if you wanted to create awareness at a trade show, you're creating one video for that use case, a trade show, right? But you have multiple product lines, categories, industries use cases, you need a whole library of videos very similar to like, brochures on a shelf. In the old days, right salespeople after the trade show, they used to go to that brochure shell, pull out the relevant brochures, put them in the mail and send them an email, digitally. So imagine, now a firm has a library of video assets ready for salespeople to pull out? Right? That's don't have dance music behind them. Most companies do nowadays, but have their technical people explaining things about the products and services that they offer. That's cool. And that's kind of where the big shift is going with video for manufacturers is to video for the trade show. What do I do? sales videos, sales, videos, sales.


All right. So what makes a good sales video?


Getting right to the point quickly,


yes. I'll be the first people


in the video explaining this. I said a couple minutes ago, like I've seen a lot of issues with dancing and seeing the machines work, the processes work. It shows that videos are beautiful, but they don't tell me anything. What's happening here at the show, you have somebody walking up to the booth having a conversation with somebody, and that technical engineer at that company is explaining. And then that prospect has a question that they answers. That's That's great sales fodder to put into video format, again, being thoughtful about that process in creating that library. And that's where manufacturing companies should be started.


So what happens quite frequently is that you need to be a professional speaker you need, you need to feel comfortable in front of the camera, you need to whatever and I've heard those arguments over and over again. And how do you how do you get people that normally just sort of hey, I'm in manufacturing, I'm passionate about it, you get to speak about this.


So here's where the professional services comes in. So part of my job as a producer is to work with the marketing teams to understand what the business objectives are, and really help the technical people be who they are in front of the camera, which is not different from them being here at the show. They don't have a script for the show, they can answer any question that comes out, you know, with somebody standing right in front of them. So with a little bit of preparation in terms of okay, what are the product benefits? What are the use cases? What are the questions, we put that on paper before the shoes, but everybody's ready. And I'm basically going up to them in, you know, on the location and ask him those questions that they get asked him. And then they respond to me, and that's how we crave. Right really


point. You stay in their wheelhouse? Yeah. Like, you're not, you're not going to sit there and say, Hey, how about but and, and I find, I find people rise to the occasion. When you when you stick to what they know, it's like going to a house, you know, you don't have to lay out a I mean, they feel comfortable going to a house and having a conversation. It's the same sort of approach, right? Hey, how's it going, man is found a coffee


table. And again, we've done 1200 videos we've worked with, like, engineers, computer engineers to Fortune 500 global audios, and everybody in between. So part of our skill set is actually helping somebody to be comfortable and to make sure that we get them out and people buy from people, which is why people in your videos


yeah, no, your your spot, you're definitely spot on on that one. And people do. And that's that whole human connection is vital. Yeah, just, I mean, let's just be real here. This information, what we see here at FABTECH is a must, you must, we've got to get that message out. And it's got to be delivered in a way that people can consume it. Don't make it hard, make it entertaining to a certain extent, but just to bring it out, so that they understand the transformative solutions that these individuals are bringing to the marketplace is, is spectacular. A lot


of people that are hesitant to do video of people. What one of the one of the objectives are here is that it's going to take away from the human interaction. And it will actually add to it, because people are researching now, right now, right now all the time. So if you can build that team in connections, before you pick up before you talk to them on the phone or zoom or to tradeshow you're a step ahead


of your competition. The reality is is that we've we've adapted it had that pandemic, we figured out how to connect with people that remotely trying, yeah, there was nothing that's going to replace the real true human connection, coming to the trade shows coming to these events and, and meeting the individuals looking at the solution, whatever and asking any question whatsoever, doesn't matter. Will will always be necessary. But I think that that the research component associated with many I do. You just do it naturally. So


now you know you're recording video here and you've done a lot of video throughout your business. Have you ever heard Hey, I feel like I know you already feel like I've met you.


Yes. And in fact, I was at a couple of restaurants where people say hey, you're Scott guy that said it's like, Oh,


yeah. Because they've seen you.


Yeah, exactly. corralled


your hat on. Glasses. Right? Different type of clothing. Yeah. And that happens. Because we do a lot of videos, we call them multi vision minutes. And I've gotten that many times. Like I mentioned before, because they've watched three or four or five videos of me over the span. Yeah, whatever the buying process. And


that's good point. I'm telling you that that is a spot on point. How do people get a hold of you?


Head over to our websites, video for or pick up the phone, old school? 646-319-8629.


I would know how to do that. I would just go on the website. Yeah, we were talking about writing a check and I sit I don't remember how to write it. Like, where do we go? No, I hear ya. I hear ya. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. The Robert. All right, listeners. We're gonna wrap it up on the other side. We're going to have all the contact information for Robert So fear not, it will be out on industrial Again, last plug for FABTECH right. You're not here. Don't worry. It's going to be available next year. So put that on your calendar. Be a part of this incredible guy if you're in Manufacturing, you need to be here. If you're in fabrication, whatever it might be, you need to be here, a lot of people just are trying to find solutions to help them be a better company. So thank you, once again, for supporting industrial talk, we will be right back.


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All right, once again, thank you very much for joining industrial talk. And thank you for your continued support. We are building a platform, a platform that is truly dedicated to you, industry professionals, all around the world, because we need you, and you're making my life easier. And you're making the world a better place. Yeah. Take that to the bank. All right, that was Robert. And he has touched upon a great and very important component to what we need to do going forward, especially in the world of industry, you got to put yourself out there. Bottom line, you have a story to tell, you have a story to tell that is important to many. And you might not think so you might say I'm in the trenches, and you know, it is what it is. But in industry as a as a whole, it is changing rapidly in a big, big way. And in a rapidly changing environment that requires communication that requires the fact that you need to put yourself out there and I think Robert was hitting on all cylinders, because we need to do that again. Industrial talk. We've got three Yeah, three webinars, supply chain, quantum computing, which is web three, maybe it's and augmented reality and how it is impacting or potentially impacting industry. And we'll bring on some people that will that definitely know more than I do. I'm just a conduit of information. But the reality is, is that again, if you're not educating, then you're not collaborating, then you're not innovating. So this is where this is where the rubber gun meets the road. Because you need to collaborate. Yes, that's what industrial talk is all about. You need to innovate because that's where you know, that's where you create that business of resilient people. Be brave, dare greatly say it all the time. Hang out with Robert. You're gonna change the world. We're gonna have another great conversation shortly. So stay tuned.

On Industrial Talk we're onsite at FABTECH in Atlanta, GA and speaking with Robert Weiss, President at MultiVision Digital about "Telling you story and solving problems through compelling video production". Get the answers to your "Video Production" questions along with Robert's incredible insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!
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