Wildcat Power Generation

Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Wildcat Power Generation about “Innovative power generation solutions”.  Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Power industry innovations at Power Gen conference. 0:04
    • Matt Roeser, CEO of Wildcat Power Gen, discusses the company's innovative solutions for the power industry.
    • Matt, Monica, and Sammy share their experiences at Power Gen in New Orleans, including their booth and food adventures.
  • The genset market and product quality. 2:50
    • Matthew, CEO of Wildcat PowerGen, discusses changes in the industry since 2013, including a shift towards true power and a resurgence of diesel.
    • Monica, CFO of Wildcat PowerGen, shares her background in entrepreneurship and how she and Matt started the business 10 years ago.
    • Wildcat focuses on small horsepower, light commercial areas, becoming industry leader.
    • Wildcat Generators focuses on providing high-quality, long-lasting generators for various applications, with a track record of 50,000 hours of runtime.
  • Power generation and fuel sources. 9:16
    • Focus on meeting customer needs with multi-fuel options.
    • Total Energy Solutions' Ron Grant joins the conversation, discussing 30 years in the power business with Scott MacKenzie.
  • Power generation technology and business strategies. 13:30
    • Wildcat's goal is to implement a complete lifecycle maintenance program for their dealers, ensuring they have the necessary parts and training.
    • The company is looking to lower costs and improve the customer experience through their products, made in the USA with vendors in India for engines and other components.
    • Wildcat PowerGen is a company delivering power generation solutions.
    • Matthew, Monica, and Sammy are professionals from Wildcat PowerGen who had a great conversation on industrial talk.

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Welcome to the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots. And


once again, thank you very much for joining Industrial Talk. And thank you for your continued support of a platform that dedicated to industry professionals all around the world. You are bold, you are brave, you dare greatly you innovate you solve problems. And that's why we celebrate you on the number one industrial related podcasts in the universe, backed up by data. Don't even try to question that. All right, and we're broadcasting on site. PowerGen is the event. New Orleans, Louisiana is the location. And it is it's just a collection of wonderful people who are people solving today's challenges in the world of power. That's what they do. We have three individuals. Matt, Monica and Sammy. They're with Wildcat power Gen. Hope I get that. I'm looking at your booth right there. I haven't been very far. Pretty much everybody that's been on the podcast has been sort of in this general location, about a 5050 foot circle. Alright, let's get cracking. Hey, guys having a good conference?


Absolutely. More than great. Yeah.


And for you last year,


just attended, just


attended last year. And you said, Yeah, I want to be a part of the Absolutely. I want to I want to I want to put a booth together. Which you guys have a cool booth, by the way. Yeah,


that Sammys brainchild. does a


good job. I love the color. Love everything. This just looks good. Let's wrap it up.


Thank you, man.


Hey, did you guys cuz you guys go out for any for special foods yesterday? Last night?


We went to mumbles I don't know that one. Mom was on Bourbon Street. Yeah. So it's the only bar in Bourbon Street that has the top open air bar. Yeah, third floor. Of course, it was raining. So we didn't do that we did the second floor. You know, we had to all you can drink all you can eat. No kidding. But it's a Bourbon Street. So it's always a good time. And then after that, we said, wow, we're here. We might as well have another


and another and another. Yeah, somebody's had to consume aspirin.


It's, it's actually it's a little bit of caffeine. So you gotta pace yourself sometimes.


All right, for the listeners out there. Let's start with you, Matt. Give us a little background on who you are.


So Matthew Roser. I'm the CEO of Wildcat.


Do you like to be called Matthew or Matt? Matthew? Matthew Matt. No, no, that's that's too ambivalent. Because now I've gotta be Matt Matthews


degree. Matthew. Matthew. So I'm the CEO of Wildcat PowerGen. We've been in operation now since 2013. So very good.


All right, Monica.


I'm the CFO for Wildcat power. And my background is


a heck of a designer have a nice little booth there. That's me. I thought it was Monica. Oh, no, you nevermind. I just had Oh, my God. You go,


there you go. My background is been entrepreneurial, and probably for 25 years with family businesses. And Matt and I started this business like you said 10 years ago, and it's just been a great ride so far.


All right, Sammy, sorry about that. Didn't give you the quarter. You get a great job right there. The booth is looking great.


You name it. Yeah. phononic is brother. Matt's brother in law.


Yeah, we're a family. Oh, no


way. We can smile. You didn't get the look. Hey, there it is. I'm


their very first employee a long time ago. And I didn't know anything about power. 10. But I've learned a lot. And who's gonna say my brother in law's a great teacher?


Well, absolutely. Matt, you've seen a lot of changes. Why would a man if you've been around since 2013 10 years? 20 to 11 years? Yeah, going on 11 years. Take us through a little bit of some of the changes that are happening where you're at today.


Well, the markets just it from where it was in 2013 to where it is today's completely different. I mean, even power Gen and as itself, you know, the shows become more focused to true power, right power Gen. You know, I can remember in 2013 when we had new killer and battery and now those shows have kind of spun off a little bit and so now it's truly a power Gen show which is which is good. But as far as the industry is concerned, you know, we've kind of seen it come up and down we're seeing a resurgence of diesel which is Oh, wow, yeah, which is exciting for us, you know, to kind of see that come back around, you know, power power Gen as a whole natural gas and propane is still extremely strong. But there's so many options out there right now. Right. And I think what what's interesting about Wildcat and about what we do is, is we started the business with an idea to focus on small horsepower. And that was really our focus. And so we've continued to do that in offering, you know, the smaller horsepower, smaller kW Gen sets, and really focusing on light commercial, and really becoming experts in those areas, and not necessarily battling with the big boys, the caterpillars of the commons, those kinds of guys, and being support to them actually is, is really our focus is, is taking those areas where they don't want to mess with becoming, I think the industry leader hands the hands down.


You have to say that, well,


no, I say that and not not being biased. I just, I see other product. And that's where I get a little bit biased. I think we put out the best quality product in the small horsepower, small cage, a very small kW range of any company out there, and I'll go toe to toe with anybody. Our product is second to none. Monica


is the product that we're speaking of the low horsepower. Smaller, let's say kW, our horses I going with this I was going to it was do you see a market? And and and that was sort of who manufactures your your product? I mean, do you guys manufacture it? Absolutely. You're vertically integrated? Yes, sir. Well, you know, Monica, Monica, you've already hit


me on the lake. area?


No, you give it a shot. Come on, Monica. Yes, sir. It is a finance person. Right? Yes. So now to you, Sammy. When you start talking about the market? Is it because the market is much like the competition? Is it bigger or smaller? What? Why? Why small? Why in this boy in this range? Well,


I mean, initially, we were looking for what you call Blue Ocean Blue Ocean shift. You know, I'm saying I know what you're talking about me? We're all the sharks ours? Yeah, no question for us is that that I saw surprise and kW 100 Kw space, and one that's really blue is the diesel 10 Kw 15 Kw that we have prime liquid cooled engines, and that I'm telling it, very few people are playing in it, and a lot more people are wanting to


diesel? Well, you know, typically, when you look at the genset market space, you have, you know, really two distinct markets, you have a two pole and four pole market. You know, you can go to Home Depot all day long and buy $1,000 generator, but you know, you know, what are you buying, right, you're buying an air cooled 3600 RPM, you know, two pole generator that screaming, and like anything as you're,


you've probably got one, I have one. And it does scream, screams.


You know, our goal is not to provide our consumers with a generator that's going to last 234 years, our goal is to provide at vitam a generator that's going to last them a lifetime. We have a track record, hands down of providing small horsepower, small kW engines that have 1520 3040, even now 50,000 hours of runtime on genset. So people go No way. We've got a track record of it from top to bottom, whether it's diesel and natural gas or propane. We do that because we're experts in providing the correct solution for the correct application. And that's what separates Wildcat from anybody else. We don't say hey, here's your generator, go have fun with it. We we make sure that the generator you're buying is correct for you.


And you have to you have to So is it a? I mean, there's a lot of conversations that are around propane, a lot of you know all of the various fuel sources and of course, everybody's talking about renewable this and that. And are you a part of that because nobody's really talking about? Well, to your point, Sami. People are not talking too much about diesel. But they're talking a lot about propane. They're talking a lot about the hydrogen. They're talking about other fuel sources. You know,


you can't have a conversation of power Gen without talking about all fuels. Yeah. And you can't eliminate one. So you have to be proficient in all of them. Whether it's propane, natural gas, diesel, even them other things, hide things, there are things that are coming quickly. That, you know as wildcat, we've, we feel like we've positioned ourselves well, especially for some of the bio gases that are coming out there. You know, and we have those solutions available. You know, but primarily, you know, the goal of any business is to make money. And of course,


right, that's key, please, please. Right.


And that's, that's, that's the key. And so, you know, our bass production line is is focused around natural gas, propane and diesel.


Sammy did that. You're next to don't get Monica. Yeah, I know. I sandwiched between two people, you know, but is the is the solution. But, but to Matt's point, you're you're designing a solution that meets the needs of the customer. But what if I want a multi fuel option solution? Can you deliver that? Well, the


NG LPG is the


it's the the fuel fuel. You know, we have in the past done a like a diesel hybrid where we've injected natural gas into the air into Yeah, to supply that. In there are customers that that request that from time to time, it's just not a huge market


share. Isn't it? Interesting. So you're, what's fascinating with the conversation I'm having with you guys, you get the sort of the real story out there of what is happening out there. And what is of what's real. And so I do like that a lot. It looks like he got a fan. Who's the fan? Here? Let's get him on in here. There it is. This is Ron grant. Hi, Ron. How are you doing? Oh, yeah, we're broadcasting live right now. In your in your in the camera right here. Wow. Yeah, this is. This is wrong, Greg. All right. Who's he with? He's with total total energy. Total Energy Solutions, guys. We're not a gamer. Yes. I'm in Mandeville. Wow. Yeah, there you go.


Yeah. So so total energy is one of actually one of our dealers for Wildcat. I've known Ron for 30 plus years promise have lost count.


Longtime man. Well, we'll


welcome you like Wildcat is a great product. It's me. So it's a great product.


It's really is great service, you know, with any great partner because yeah, she backs it up and do service and these guys do a great job.


She's like, you can ramp it up right now.


Later, you still doing the bad? What we did for our customers? is talking about it later. Okay. I'll come find you. Perfect. Great, Sandy. Hey, thanks. All


right. Thank you, guys. Love it. That was real time.


We plan that yeah, I


was just gonna say that was like, yeah, very well. Yeah. So


I've been in the power business now for probably 30 years. Well,


you started when you were 10 for like, four more.


But no, I was fortunate enough. I, I joined just just a phenomenal organization. And they're actually been walking the show, I was part of a Greco as a church rental sales guy really learned how to sell power, and then spent a little bit of time at Caterpillar, Ohio cat actually selling there and, and really learned the, you know, what generators are before we started this?


How do you? Are you responsible for the maintenance of the assets? Let's say you hit the ground and then you know, you know, yeah,


we have a complete lifecycle, you know, maintenance program. Our goal as a company is to, you know, implement the distributor dealer network and make sure our dealers are, you know, certified and trained on just Wildcat itself, and, and that they have the parts available, but we handle all of that we are the OEM, you're


all right, Monica. Question to you. When you start to are you when you look at it from a financial perspective? Is it is it a solution that is cost competitive, to maybe some other options out there? Do you try to drive down those costs? Do you try to get it in such a way that it makes sense business sense? That that I'm I'm using that solution?


Yes, I will tell you we always are looking at always trying to lower our costs at any area where we can kind of even though we might have, this is how it looks today. We're always looking at trying to improving that, making it better for the customer as also more cost effective. I would say most of our product is right there. Even with any of our competitors, but I think we're a little bit better. Just because we're Wildcat


ice See that you're made in the USA? Is that a designation that you achieved? Or do you just say are made in America made in the USA?


We do all of our assemblies here in Wichita, Kansas.


What about your, your vendors?


So we have vendors that are in India, class car, engines and


arable. That's right. I met the guy. What's his name?


He's here which one? Well,


we've been a Rene.


He didn't want to talk on our show. He is.


Clearly, and we also get our natural gas and propane engines from Aero engine out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we do all of our final assemblies. We do everything in Wichita, Kansas was over. That's our hometown, where we grew up. Was it cold? It has been cold lately. Not normally a weird winner


there for sure.


So where did the to you Sammy, where do you see it going? What what do you see the sort of the next thing outside of the diesel play? Do you see anything that's sort of on the horizon, that you're just sort of tracking?


I tell you what, if anybody can figure out how to do production and distribution of hydrogen correctly, I'm sure that there'll be more commercialization of that. But in the meantime, the fuels that we are offering now can be, you know, considered very viable and proven. And then we're going into a little bit some hydrogen high Thane. Yeah, we're putting our low hydrogen into some engines and being


nimble. Yeah. He's got to be nimble everage. World. I mean, like you said, You've been in it for a number of years, you've seen a lot of changes that are happening. I don't know. And the conversations are very intriguing from my perspective. And being an old transmission, journeyman lineman, I have been a part of it, but it's changed as like, I did that long ago, but it's just everything's changing. For sure, man, how did they get a hold of you?


Hey, Wildcat powergen.com is the best way to get in touch with us. All of our contact information is there. Stay


while Monica, stay with me. Stay. Wow, you guys out on LinkedIn, have stride


walk out power gym, maybe?


All day long? Well, I'll link you guys, man. He does get a lot of spunk.


Now like that. That's what it means to be wild.


Right? That's wild cat right there. We're gonna have all the contact information for these three professionals out on Industrial Talk. So if you're not reach out to them, find out more about what they're doing in the world of power generation. All right, we're gonna wrap it up on the other side. Stay tuned, we will be right back.


You're listening to the Industrial Talk Podcast Network.


About those three professionals. Wildcat power Gen is a company. Matthew, Monica, Sammy, delivering the goods in that conversation. Absolutely wonderful. Their Booth was cool, too. It had some some cool stuff out there. So anyway, go check them out. All out on Industrial Talk. All the links. Make it happen, Captain, no doubt about it. And if you were looking for an event, to participate in or to just experience, yep, power Gen is the one for you. We're gonna be doing distributech as well. That's going to be coming up soon. And it's going to be every bit as good. They put on a great show. Power Gen. Distribute tech, both great shows. All right, go out to Industrial Talk, get engaged. We need to amplify your voice. We need to make sure that that you succeed. You need to contribute to the ever expanding ecosystem. It's all there for you. Be bold, be brave, dare greatly hang out with Wildcat and you are going to change the world. We're gonna have another great conversation shortly. So stay tuned.

Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Wildcat Power Generation about "Innovative power generation solutions".
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