Why You Need To Podcast – Do It For Your Raving Ambassadors!

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we are continuing our series about Why You Need To Podcast! Again a podcast strategy is vital to improving your Sales and Marketing opportunities and to humanizes your Brand in 2020.

Now let's create Raving Ambassadors with your Podcast Platform. These are individuals and companies that love your product, service and/or solution. They deserve a “series” about them and what they do to solve problems. Powerful content, focused on them, they love you for it and will speak in glowing terms about you and your company. You want to close a deal, have your Prospect talk to your Ambassador. Give you the “Swag” to really close the deal. Learn more in this episode of How to Create Raving Ambassadors. Be Bold, Be Brave, Dare Greatly and Change the World!


00:00                   Hi there Scott, MacKenzie, again, thank you very much for joining the industrial talk podcast. We are continuing our series on why you need a podcast, which is very important. It's gotta be a part of your platform, your digital marketing, your, your sales funnel development, uh, your branding. And, and I've harped on that. Either you do it internally or you find somebody to do it, but either or [inaudible] you gotta make it happen because it's a powerful tool, powerful platform. And, and, uh, it's uh, designed for success. And that's what we're all about. Now. We've gone through the sales funnel, you know, just sort of lay out of your target market. We've got internal, we've got your partners, we got your customers and we've got you even your targeted prospects. Within that, we highlight the heroes, the philanthropy. That's what you can do on a podcast platform and get it out there over and over again.

00:56                                    Now the last one, which is just sort of a result of that effort, is you create raving ambassadors. Those are the individuals that are going to sit there and go, wow, these are wonderful. I really enjoy. They just aren't just raving and vast. You, you have created the know, like and trust throughout your process, which is vital to any sales cycle, but now you're going to be creating those raving ambassadors, those individuals, those companies that that believe and know you will deliver on your promise. You solve problems. You listen to them and create solutions that make them a success. They are your raving ambassadors. You can't get to the embassador level if you're not caring and feeding and and making them feel special and be able to provide solutions for them so that once again, the platform, the podcast platform is just so uniquely designed to be able to do that.

02:03                                    Once again, you find them, you can see how they get engaged, they're there, you know who they are and you, you could say, Hey, let's get you on a podcast again. Let's create a series. Let's talk a little bit about what you do and and the solutions you provide and the content that is all designed specifically for for what you deliver. Now, let's highlight that once again, a win win strategy and then all of a sudden the best recommendation comes from those individuals who just love your service or whatever you know, product, whatever it might be. That's why the podcast in this platform is a powerful platform for you and your sales. Okay, now we're going to wrap it up. I'm going to go into the content again, we're going to start talking a little bit about the content, the micro content and define whatever it micro is based off of this content generating machine called the podcast platform.

03:10                                    And then the ultra micro content don't get, you know, wrapped up with that. There's a, there's a logic in that. Now those are the categories that, that uh, I have selected. If you have another category that's all good and dandy and that's fine, but you get it there. We're going to break it down into three segments and why this, the podcast platform is a powerful, uh, medium for creating content. So that's going to be next, next time. So we're going to wrap that up. So again, we're going to talk about what this one is about. Ambassadors, raving ambassadors. You need to do it once again. Go out to industrial talk.com. Find these series, embrace the fact that you need to do the podcast and make it happen. She look at that, man, that's only four minutes. We, we, we, we covered this particular topic in four minutes.

04:01                                    All right, next, uh, next segment. In this series, we'll be addressing content and content creation. And I'm telling you right now, you're not creating enough content. That's it. That's the bottom line. All right. Thank you very much for joining the industrial talk podcast. You need to be doing podcasting. You need to figure out how to do it, make it happen. Thank you. Be bold. Be brave. Dare greatly change the world. That's what this is, man. Isn't it a great time to be alive, to be able to do this stuff? So thank you. And we'll talk later.









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