Riley Hall with Fictiv

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Riley Hall, Product Marketing Director at Fictiv about “On-Demand custom manufacturing made simple, fast and done right”.  Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:

Key points from the conversation:

1. Riley Hall is the Director of Product Marketing at Fictiv a digital manufacturing platform that specializes in providing high-quality CNC injection molding, 3D printing, and urethane cast parts.

2. Fictiv is disruptive in the manufacturing industry due to its network-based approach. Instead of the traditional process of contacting a local job shop for a quote, Fictiv allows customers to upload 3D models, instantly receive pricing using AI and ML, and get automated design feedback.

3. The network of nearly 300 manufacturing partners enables Fictiv to intelligently match specific part configurations with the right manufacturer, optimizing quality and efficiency.

4. Fictiv offers customers the flexibility to choose lead times and pricing options, making it cost-effective for various needs.

5. Trust is essential in manufacturing, and Fictiv emphasizes building trust with its customers and partners by providing expert advice and support.

6. The show, FABTECH, is essential for Fictiv to showcase its brand and innovative manufacturing solutions. The company is focused on de-risking the new product development process by enabling more design iterations and faster validation cycles.

7. Fictiv is committed to supporting small independent manufacturing businesses and aims to bring more manufacturing partners into its network.

8. Fictive's success is driven by its ability to tap into idle machine capacity, providing a win-win situation for customers and manufacturing partners.

9. Data and digital capabilities allow Fictiv to provide reliable on-time delivery and quality, with a 96% on-time delivery rate.

10. You can reach out to Fictiv by visiting their website,, and signing up for their services. Riley Hall's contact information is also available at

11. The conversation took place at FABTECH in Chicago, a significant industry event for networking and showcasing innovations in manufacturing. The event is held annually and is organized by PMA and SME.

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Riley Hall Fictiv FABTECH

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 8:46AM • 17:04


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Scott MacKenzie


Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends, while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your heart, grab your work boots, and let's get


where I was, again, thank you very much for joining industrial talk. And thank you for your continued support of a platform that is dedicated, dedicated to industrial professionals all around the world. You're bold, you're brave, you're daring greatly. you innovate, you solve problems. You're making the world a better place. That's why we celebrate you on this podcast because you deserve it. And we're also broadcasting on site on site right now, at Fabtech, which is located in well this year is it's up in Chicago, but next year, me grab my paperwork paperwork right here. It's going to be in Orlando, and it's gonna be October 15 through the 17th. And it's brought to you by wonderful event partners called PMA and SME. Check them out. You will not be disappointed rally halls in a hot seat. Fictiv is the company Director of Product Marketing. Let's get a correction. Right Man beautiful sunny Chicago. It is nice and cool, by the way.


Beautiful feels hot in Denver, Colorado.


Yeah, but it's still getting there some cool, it's gonna


it's been 100 for the last couple of weeks. Really? It's too hot for me wearing this natural sweater. And it's not good luck.


Yeah, no, I hear you don't come to Louisiana, that's for sure. It's funny. I'm up here. And it's 53 in the morning, and it's breezy and sunny. And it's all nice and dandy. And then I look up what Louisiana as soon as as tiny.


Like maybe you could move right? Get out of the humidity if


you want to. And then and then complain about the fact that that's going to be freezing cold and double edged sword. Yeah, it is I got it, then. That's why we need to be independently wealthy and then just go where the good weather is. That's what I want to do. I don't know. Maybe I'll probably get bored with that too. Hey, for the listeners out there. Riley let's sort of level set on who you are and what you're all about.


Yeah, sure. So, Riley Hall, Director of Product Marketing at Fictiv is a digital manufacturing platform supplying high quality, CNC injection molding, 3d printing and urethane cast parts. So we work through technology, right to empower our customers to get quick parts, super high quality. So


we always have to sort of the, where everybody goes in their thinking is when they say CNC or injection molding and all that stuff. They they, they're very, and rightly so because you guys are disruptors when it comes to this, but they go to the the area of saying, all right, I'm going to contact this company. And we're going to go through that process. And we're going to figure out how to see and see this part. But But Fictiv is disruptive? Because you have a network, can you explain us a little what that looks like?


Yeah, the network is one piece of instruction, right? So instead of you going to Scott Mackenzie fabrication, Louisiana, and saying, you know, here's my print


here, and somebody's saying it, boy, it's hot in here.


So instead of going, you know, to your local job shop and sending out a request for quote, and then waiting for that quote, to come back. What actually happens on the Fictiv platform is you're able to upload your 3d model. And we instantly price it using technology. Right? So using AI and ML. Yeah, you guys are leaders in that. Yeah, exactly. So we're instantly providing the price, which removes the latency and waiting for quotes to come back. And then we also provide the automated design for manufacturability feedback right on the platform. So again, using technology to give you design feedback from, you know, the first minute that it's on the platform. So we're de risking the actual end use part, telling you, you know, what our algorithms and machine learning says, potentially may fail


during and it cost me how much to do something like that. Yeah, see, talk about disruption. Because what I hear you saying and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm going to simplify it. And I'm going to simplify something that is, can be somewhat technical, but, but you're saying, Okay, go to the go to the World Wide Web, upload your drawing, and then you're gonna we're gonna get an, a relatively instantaneous quote on the price of that product. It could be one, it could be 1000, it could be 10,000. It could be whatever in between. And then in that whole process, you're also going to leverage the technology in a way that says, Hey, your designs okay, but you can be improved here, do this. This might be problematic, and, and, and really, in essence, get to a point Where I feel my confidence in what I want, is as high as it can possibly be. Is that right?


Yeah, absolutely. And it's twofold, right? So we provide all of the automated feedback that you can self serve and look at yourself. But we pride ourselves on being experts in manufacturing as well, right? So we have manufacturing engineers on staff, you can ring us send us an email and actually talk to a human, which is something different from a lot of these other online platforms. There are other out there. Yeah, there's definitely others out there. But I think where Fictiv wins is, manufacturing is a relationship game. It's who you know, it's who you can trust. And we win there, like our people are awesome people and you want to talk to them. I like the line that we're your least sucky vendor, right? Or somebody that you want to talk to, and you can gain value from and get a good part at the end of the conversation.


You touched upon something that is really important. And that is trust. Because for me, if I was Scott manufacturer, and I and I needed a specific part to be fabricated in some way, shape or form, I'm not just going to go to anybody, I do need to know that that individual, that company that that relationship is there so that I can trust because I'm putting myself out there, I don't want to have something that it doesn't work. And not not kill me, too.


Yeah. And I think this is why traditionally, we've used the guy around the corner, right, I can walk into his shop, I can shake him in the eye. And as things have moved digital, as the world has moved digital, right, manufacturing has always kind of been slow to adopt that new technology. And we're just kind of seeing that again, right. But the world is shifting and companies that are leveraging these online platforms are creating a distinct advantage for themselves in in the market, right, we're able to now create more design iterations more test cycles within the same timeframe. And de risk the launch of that part. Yeah. So that we can actually capture revenue once it does go to market. And we know the quality is high.


With that same analogy. So if I go online, and I upload my drawing, the AI, ml, the algorithm, we'll look at it, price it out. But what what also separates you guys from what I can tell, is the ability to access a network. And so I, you know, I'll go over to Tom, because I've been dealing with Tom for the past 30 years, but now I'm opening up maybe some more options that can produce a better product, maybe a better price, whatever it might be that there's that.


Yeah, I think the way to think about it is you know, Fictiv has nearly 300 tongs that we can access right. And we love our manufacturing partners, and they love working with us because what our engine does is it intelligently matches the geometry and that part configuration to the right. Manufacturer, the right partner in our network, right. So we know if you're, you know, CNC machining 6061 aluminum, we know the best person in our network who does 6061 At the highest level, right? So we scheduled that job with them first. And the ability to provide our partners with the stuff that they like working on and are really good at is just a double win, right? It's a win win situation, because our customers at the end of the day, get high quality 6061 parts. And Tom, who loves machining 6061 continues to machine 6061. So I think you hit the nail on the head where the network allows us to not only find the best partner globally, right or in five global regions, but it also allows us to instantaneously pivot if that partner doesn't have capacity. Yeah. And this is what gives the benefit of time savings back to our customer, right you upload apart, you get the matrix of options, whether it's cost and lead time, whatever you're balancing for your specific project on that specific time. And you get to pick what's best for you.


Let's say on cost sensitive, let's say I want to, there are parameters associated with maybe I want something expedited. And of course that's going to reflect in the price I would imagine. But then maybe I have some flexibility and I can sort of I'm very proactive and I'm ahead of the curve, whatever it might be. Does that take into consideration the solution effective?


Yeah, so effective will provide instant quoting but it's not just one price. Talk and choose your lead time right if you don't need it for seven days. So you can say, you know, seven days, if you don't need a support team, you can push it out to 14 to drive your cost curve down. And this is another thing where are affected people are really front and center, right? You float on the platform, you see a price and you're like, you know, it's just a little bit more expensive than I want. Yeah. Call effective have a conversation. Hey, what can we do we make this year


outside of aerospace. I would imagine everybody's like, that's a little bit more pricey than I'd like, it automatically goes to that level of conversation, because I know I would be the same one. Really? $20? I don't know if I want that. Maybe 18. Figure that out. But so with all that said, where do we see it going? What? Because we're here at Fabtech. You're wandering around, you're seeing some incredible solutions being delivered by you know, multiple vendors? Where do you see it going?


Yeah. What's beautiful about that show is I'm a huge supporter of small independent businesses and manufacturing, right, and the United States. And I think what's cool is seeing the vast landscape of who can do what effective is always evaluating the partners in our network, we're always looking for the next person, right? How do we find more capacity to provide that to our customers. And I think what the the beauty is here is we have the option to go identify those people and bring those next people onto the backend of our platform as manufacturing partners. You know, in manufacturing, if you own a shop, the hardest thing is keeping the shop full to pay the bills, right?


The utilization of those assets and keeping them running and spinning and doing what they need to do to spit out parts.


Yeah. And that and that's what the core effective was built on. Right? We're tapping into idle machine capacity. Yes. Right. If we think about it, yeah, it's good for everybody because our customers are getting parts from or states over from a small job shop, but they never knew about it right, because they've accessed it through Fictiv Fictiv is feeding that machine shop and we're keeping the doors open on a lot of these small companies.


So some of the conversations you've been having here. So why, why is this show important for Fictiv?


It's important for brand recognition in general, I had a speaking session earlier talking about de risking the new product development space. So being able to, like I mentioned earlier, have more test iterations and validation iterations within the same the same time frame, right? Because you're able to upload a part, get an instant, quote, get that part in hands, usually the same week, which means you're testing it the next Monday that you come into the shop. So I think it's really important for people to know who fixed it is. But it's really cool to see just how technology is making its way into man and to manufacturing at a big scale.


What dazzles me about a show like this is one, what is being manufactured and what they're placing out on the table. And you're thinking, really, that's I don't know what that is, but it looks cool.


Look at the pentacle thing, right. Yes, caps injection molding?


That's exactly correct. Everything is made by somebody somewhere. That's exactly correct. We just I think it's a great appreciation for how the economy works, because manufacturing is at the heart of it. It's without a doubt, we're you know, we're sitting at everything that's around us has been manufactured, it just doesn't happen coming out of the sky. And so, but no, I I really, I'm a big fan of what Fictiv does, just because I think I love the the disruption and in the past, my past life, I've had things manufactured, and it was it wasn't a good experience. It was stressful. There was a lot of risk. You hope you had the right conversation. And and you're able to sort of achieve what you hope to achieve just because, yeah,


I think the other piece of that is as everything goes digital, we're able to support that with data, right, like Fictiv is made 30 million parts. And last year we were across those parts 96% on time and fold. Right, which means our customers got the right part to spec when we said we were gonna deliver it. I guess quantifying that is another reason to believe in a digital platform is really powerful.


I like it. I like it a lot. I mean, so how do people get a hold of you? They're saying, Hey, this is pretty cool. I want to know more about it. How to how do I get a


hold of Yeah, Click the Sign up button, upload your art and your feedback. It's all free. What about you? Hall? Riley dot Hall?


or log? Log it a lot. All right, we're gonna have all the contact information for Riley out there on industrial talk as well as the contact information for Fictiv check it out man disruptive love it love the technology and it's only going to get better it's all going to get better I just think all right once again, we're gonna have it all out there on industrial talk once we are broadcasting from Fabtech Chicago remember to put this on your calendar for next year. This is October 15th through the 17th and this is in Orlando and it's brought to you by some great partners PMA as well as SME so stay tuned we will be right back.


You're listening to the industrial talk Podcast Network.


Apps absolutely living the dream I get to speak with leaders of industry. Riley Hall victo FICT. I V is the company and the future is bright. This is just amazing. math, technology. incredible innovation. I can take a design I can take a drawing I can take whatever I have that I want to be able to fabricate, load it up, get a price and make it happen. Fictiv is the company, Riley reach out to Riley all and of course, as you can tell by the sound in the background, we were broadcasting on site at Fabtech, Chicago, Illinois, next year, it will be in Orlando, and I would highly recommend that you put that on your calendar to attend. It is a massive event with incredible professionals like Riley. So anyway, that's what we're doing. Be bold, be brave, dare greatly hang out with Riley and you will change the world. We're going to have another great conversation

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Riley Hall, Product Marketing Director at Fictiv about "On-Demand custom manufacturing made simple, fast and done right". 
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I am Scott MacKenzie, husband, father, and passionate industry educator. From humble beginnings as a lathing contractor and certified journeyman/lineman to an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I have applied every aspect of my education and training to lead and influence. I believe in serving and adding value wherever I am called.

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